Personal Training

This one-on-one option is great for anyone looking to improve their fitness. We will work together to set goals and develop a fitness plan that fits YOUR life. Get the benefits of an individualized workout session and attention to form as you complete a 60 minute workout in your condo or studio rental space.

Online Training

If you are looking for added accountability and a plan to follow, this is a great option for you. Every four weeks you will receive a new training plan. For those that require more assistance, an online portal is available for you to send questions or videos for exercise form and feedback.

Corporate Fitness

Give your employees and your business the benefits of fitness during the work week. Group fitness and personal training in the workplace is continuing to gain popularity and has proven to increase employees productivity and efficacy. The best part? I come to you!

Client Testimonials


If you want to feel like you're working out with a friend that'll kick your butt into gear, Torrie is the main girl. I've been working out with Torrie for three months and I feel like I always want to impress her. She elevates me physically and emotionally in every session. After we built the baseline of my abilities and goals, Torrie built custom workouts for me each session. They were easy enough for me to carry forward without her on days we didn't meet, yet varied enough that they don't all blend into one another. She used such a wide variety of equipment, worked around my injuries and we worked on target areas. She's professional yet approachable. Warm, but also has high expectations of you. I found her such a great fit for my workout goals and personality and I'm so happy to continue working out with her!


Looking back, one of my proudest decisions was signing up for Torrie's personal training. The diverse and continuously challenging lessons became a ritual, something I always looked forward to. Even though fitness goals may be different across many people, Torrie provides the sought after motivation, expertise and support that is integral for improvement. I have departed the hamster wheel and I believe you can too. Thank you Torrie for coaching me all this way!


Training with Torrie has been a game-changer for me. I had a goal of achieving an overall sense of fitness I could feel – measurably stronger, more spry and capable. I ran my first mud run and half marathon this year, and I attribute this all to the focused, dynamic and challenging work that I’ve done with Torrie. She put in the detail and consideration into designing a workout that aligned perfectly with my goals, and fine-tuned and adjusted along the way to help perfect my form and maximize results. She’s knowledgeable, resourceful and on-the-ball. She’s also got a great presence that leverages your inner drive and craving for personal achievement and progress. The physical strength and fitness I’ve achieved in training with her has also contributed to a boost in my sense of self-efficacy and resilience that I’ve noticed in my work and other areas of my life. I love working with Torrie, and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel their best.


Torrie is an amazing personal trainer. Since the day I started training with her I have been seeing results. She motivates me and doesn’t let me give up. When I say “I can’t”, she says “you can,” and she’s usually right. She also makes workouts fun. There have been many times when we are total goofballs and people look at us like we’re weird. She also knows her stuff. When I found out I was pregnant she was on the ball with modifying my workouts to be less intense but still effective, and found exercises that will help me with the delivery. I’m looking forward to working with her throughout my pregnancy and after the baby is born. I know she’ll have me in tip-top shape in no time.


The decision to start personal training with Torrie was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. It has now been four months since I began my journey with Torrie and I couldn’t feel more happy and proud of my results. After many years of feeling self-conscious about certain aspects of my body, I am finally at a place – mentally and physically – where I am confident about them. I am walking taller and feeling stronger, to the extent that even others have noticed a difference. Over the last four months of training with Torrie I have learned a great deal about fitness and nutrition. My experience to date has proved to be motivating, encouraging and most importantly greatly informative. I feel empowered by what Torrie has taught me in each of our sessions and I know that even on days that I don’t train with her, I will be successful on my own. Not only does Torrie give you results and share a wealth of information, she is also so fun to work with! She emotes such a positive energy that I look forward to each of our sessions. I could not imagine training with anyone else and I would recommend Torrie to any of my friends or family members who are looking for real results.


I was getting bored with my workouts, and I wanted to do away with the handles of love. That was my goal. Then I completed a survey and the question that really stuck to me was "would a personal trainer help you achieve your goal" and my answer was a firm "NO". Well let's just say after I did a demo training session with Torrie, where I almost fainted, she introduced me to a whole other fitness world that I did not know I did not know. If it was in a professional sense I would be unconsciously incompetent. Hands down there is no better feeling to not have to track my weights, repetitions, sets, what exercise to do next, how much rest time to take was all taken care of by Torrie and I used all my energy and time to get through the exercises, barely. Most importantly Torrie believes in her trainees, teaches and does the research when she does not know, ensures you have optimal form, illustrates, engages, customizes, push you to the edge and makes gruelling sessions fun with belly laughs. Results, in 8 weeks training 2 times a week plus on my own here and there, I lost 5lbs, 5% body fat, I was lean as I had never been, planks and knee tucks were a breeze until Torrie finds a way to make them difficult, I was fit again for competitive soccer, and I was just plain happy with my body and health. I am glad I let go of my "I don't need a trainer" attitude which likely stemmed from "I can not afford a trainer", or "what I see other trainers do" but I found out I actually could afford a trainer only if I decided to 'invest in myself' and realizing that "not all trainers are the same". Thank you Torrie.